About Us


The first Clan Davidson Society in North America  [originally called “Clan Davidson Society (USA)] was formed in the late 1970s when Colonel (Ret.) Floyd Stayner of Atlanta. GA and his wife Elizabeth decided to act after many people pointed out a need for such an organization. It was to be used as a vehicle to assist Davidsons with a common heritage and background to associate themselves together in fun and friendship. The Stayners together with a few other interested persons, including one of the Board of Directors (Mike Dye) and the current Sennachie (Dave Chagnon), sponsored a tent at the Stone Mountain Games and this became the background for the Society’s’ formation. Mike Dye was the Society’s first President (1981), and was followed by Andrew S. Davis in 1984. Andy, along with his wife Eleanor and other officers, developed and promoted the Society’s existence from a very small group to nearly two hundred members (individuals or families) in a relatively short time span. From that tiny acorn, the Clan Davidson Society (USA) grew and grew and grew… until, with the encouragement and backing of the Clan Chief, it reorganized itself into the Clan Davidson Society of North America. The Society remains today as a viable group with members from all over North America with a membership base greater than 500 individuals/families. A constantly expanding list of Tent Conveners serves the needs of members throughout the Continent.

The Annual General Meeting is held at different locations around North America. Notice of the date and location is published in the Society’s newsletter well in advance of the event. At this time a report is made on the state of the Society with the floor being opened to those present for their input. The fiscal year runs from May through April. Administrative business meetings of the Board of Directors and various Committees are held as needed to discuss the Society’s operation and to insure its smooth and continued growth.


The Clan Davidson Society of North America is a non-political, non-profit, tax exempt (in the USA) and non-sectarian organization and is particularly interested in educational and charitable activities which extend the Society’s sense of tradition and Hieland hospitality. We are also very interested in genealogical and other historical information. Requests for certain genealogical information are usually forwarded to the Society’s Genealogist or the editor of the newsletter which allows for broad coverage and frequent response.

Continuous efforts are also made to remain in touch with members of the Clan Davidson organizations in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Many interesting letters concerning events and other news comes from abroad. Travel opportunities to Scotland are also passed along when received.